Ariana Grande - pov (Official Live Performance) | Vevo

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    Ariana Grande - pov (official live performance) | vevo

    Let’s talk about Ariana Grande’s voice for a sec. At the start of this Official Live Performance of “pov,” the superstar reveals the strength, depth and emotional clout that her instrument is able to share at any given moment. It’s an extended passage that swoops to unexpected places while remaining centered. “You got more than 20-20 babe/made of glass the way you see through me,” hovers in the air, and then the band sweeps in and everything swells a bit more. But it’s Ari that has established the tone, Ari that’s carrying the ball. It’s masterful in a way, and the lush set design bolsters both the song’s dreamy mood and her fetching fashion statement. Fans know that “pov” is from last year’s ‘Positions’ - a career high point for a vocalist who has a natural way of totally enchanting her audience. We have other performances coming in this series. Follow our socials and you won’t miss a thing.

    The Vevo official live performance of “pov” by Ariana Grande. Listen & download Positions (the album) here:

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    Creative Director: Micah Bickham
    Creative Director: Ed Walker
    Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
    Executive Producer: Ed Walker
    Executive Producer: Scooter Braun
    Executive Producer: JP Evangelista
    Executive Producer: Jordy Wax
    Directed By: Micah Bickham
    Creative Producer: Bram Vandermark
    Design: Sydney Emery
    Design: Dominique Falcone
    Design: Gabriela De Oliveira
    Producer: Madeline Schmidt
    Producer: Haley Sliger
    Music & Talent: Annie Shapiro & Sam Mackoff
    Produced By: Contrast Films
    Director Of Photography: Erik Sohlstrom
    Lighting Design: Visual Edge
    Production Design: Tyler Jensen
    Editor / Producer: Austin Prahl
    Color: Joseph Bicknell
    Drums: Aaron Spears
    Bass: Eric Ingram
    Guitar: Natural
    Keys: Nelson Jackson III
    TM: Roshad Ismail
    Makeup: Ash K Holm
    Hair: Josh Liu
    Style: Mimi Cuttrell


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    1. Amaya


    2. Rafaela Morales

      Ay Dios estoy enamorada de su voz 😍 de ella misma 👑❤

    3. Marco Luis


    4. Martina Landová

      Another awesome :-)

    5. 𝘓𝘷𝘯𝘹𝘦𝘦♡

      Voy a ser Ari de grande

    6. Penny m

      Genuine goosebumps Fr

    7. Musa Nkone

      Her best song🤷🏾‍♂️, I said it.

    8. Norm Mac

      Think I’ve been hiding under a rock. I’ve heard of this woman before but never bothered to find any of her music until now. She’s INCREDIBLE!

    9. Lee Đăng


    10. shookdr m.d.

      came here after watching gymani

    11. Nathaniel Charleston

      Here after seeing a TikTok comparing her first live performance to her last. Not disappointed

    12. Angel Palacay


      1. Kenneth Perez

        bat ka nagagalet HAHAHAHAHA

    13. Serhyuso Agamah


    14. ags rainbow

      her breath control is just *insane* leaves me speechless every time how does she do this-

    15. ags rainbow

      her voice is like butter i am once again in heaven

    16. Ariana Figueroa

      her vocals sound so clean in this performance i like it better than the original- 😳

      1. arsyad jay

        Hshs mostly i love her live concert album rather than the studio one 🖐😌

    17. jennette beasley

      Love this song! I haven't heard it til I heard it on the Voice. Ariana Grande is such a powerhouse!

    18. Супер Няма

      Ariana Grande one love навсегда 😍🥰💘

    19. Sam Robinson


    20. Tiyanna Tiamesé

      She's so pretty. I love her.

    21. 2000s kid

      The back beat of this song is just my mood💜💜💖

    22. QT K8

      She's a literal goddess

    23. Zuriel rainbow power

      I love all your music videos I’m in love with you I love your Voice

    24. Serena Valpiani

      Woooooooooow very nice

    25. HONEY BUNNY✨

      angle voice

    26. Odourless Lily

      Everytime this song fills my heart with lots of love :)

    27. Daniel Cunha

      Essa apresentação me deixa tão leve 😴

    28. Colin DeMar

      I have been a fan of hers since Victorious!!! God, she has a beautiful voice, and this is one of my favorite songs from her!

    29. Nishat Tasnin

      I just love her so fucking much...she is such a sweetheart... love her voice it's like a angel is singing.. Ari is the besttt❤️❤️❤️❤️

    30. Anita Babalola

      After I heard Gymani sing this on The Voice, I'm now obsessed with this song. Just beautiful.

      1. Jennifer Bani

        Me too

      2. Megan Mae

        Girl exact same! I just saw the voice too and I’m just in awe and sad I didn’t hear it sooner 🥺

    31. Feli B


    32. ✨Random Edits✨


    33. N Everything

      The led lights every teen wants in their room

    34. N Everything

      My queen I’ll bow

    35. Fingerblastin

      i am mesmerized by those lights.....

    36. sujeewa bandara

      ❤❤ wow voice 😍😍 amezing i love you ariana grande ❤

    37. Peter Parker

      Who's after watching The Voice?

    38. Lashin Mereibek


    39. Rose Castle

      Rikki biggest fan Ariana grande I love you new boyfriend Rikki I love you Ariana grande married me new album singing vocals girlfriend Ariana grande

    40. Apple K

      Who tf can dislike this i mean c'mon

    41. Bomyir Koyu

      I feel like this song is dedicated to Dalton. They're so cute together 💕

    42. Lola mo

      This song hits different

    43. Abhinav Nagar

      Her voice is not just a voice, it's an emotion which always make me feel like l am flying like a feather.

    44. Bart headbanger

      Mariah vs Aguilera

    45. Mary Carmen Davila

      Gymani brought me here

    46. shnom10

      I don’t think she understands how talented she is

    47. disgo

      No one is talking about the lights

    48. Alpha MRC


    49. Zoilo Ruaya

      I need to rewatched again after seeing this on the voice US 2021

    50. The Dawah muslim

      i really like arianas music beacuse when i am alone at school i put my headphons on and listen to her music

    51. Стилиян Димитров

      Brothers.... how can you be so deceived... look at the thumbnail pic of that creature... the skull is broad with big jaw.. just search male vs female skull and see what im talking about... no hips, straight non-curved back with popped shoulders.... brothers wake up this is a MAN.

    52. Stephanie Nicole

      HEADPHONES. she is literally in my cerebellum. love.

    53. Jahira Marie

      This girl makes me feel some type of way whens eh sings i cried listening to this she motivates me to keep going until i get heard because she is amazing and she touches my soul when she sings.

    54. Rosie


    55. Osoy Osorio

      Here after gymani on The Voice

    56. The Grande Channel

      Beautiful 😍

    57. SportsSpeak73

      Not gonna lie, a contestant on the Voice brought me here

    58. Baby Yoda Musiq Tarot

      I lost my true love the same time you did Ari. Ari this is a message to you from Mac:

    59. Baby Yoda Musiq Tarot

      I lost my true love the same time you did Ari. Ari this is a message to you from Mac:

    60. Baby Yoda Musiq Tarot

      I lost my true love the same time you did Ari. Ari this is a message to you from Mac:

    61. KyroLogy


    62. mxp_kaur stan

      a queenie here love her sm

    63. alyn amelin

      i really love the new raspy quality in her voice

    64. Cee Bee

      Her voice is perfection

    65. NatureBoy302

      She doesn't know this but she makes everyone's day better

      1. Tori K.M

        Not mine 🤷🏾‍♀️

      2. Nilton Oliveira Jr

        @Claudia Gomez 1111¹

      3. Claudia Gomez


      4. Claudia Gomez

        Gv, me xd z

      5. Claudia Gomez

        S si de sdq Hu s

    66. DeHart Family

      Is it normal that this song makes me tear up? The lyrics just kill me. Add Ari? I’m just fucking done.

      1. Patricia Baylon

        Yes, I believe it's normal to tear up to this song. That happens to me too :)

    67. Deivid Ramos

      What a beautiful song bro, this song describes me sometimes I wanted to see myself from other people's point of view, I've heard how important I am I've heard a thank you for existing, I saw the lyrics of this song right now and I'm in love with it describe. 0:15 to 0:58 😍

    68. B Gwalthney

      She’s soooooo good. I love this song.

    69. Karmelle Bert

      Cute set. It's like that LED garden lamp for herbs in your kitchen.

    70. Zig Madrid

      The arrangement of this song, along with whose singing it is cool 😎

      1. Eliana Waverly She doesn't know this but she makes everyone's day better

    71. Zig Madrid

      Ariana is uniquely special! She’s a bad girl!

    72. Giovana Durú

      Julinha Durú e ariana Grande

    73. Angela Merkaj

      OMG Ariana's voice makes me so emotional that i cry🥺🥰

    74. eddy viegas

      I don't know why she's so overated. These songs are have rhythm that are all over the place. I know she has good vkice but no song choices. She sings any nonsensical tunes. You will never b Mariahs replacement girl . Go home.

      1. Anthony F.G

        Go home? She's not going anywhere, you're gonna have to deal with that or get over it. She has only improved (vocally, musically, etc) and will continue to.

    75. marchella P

      AACKK SICK!!🥳🔥

    76. Burt Everstone

      Currently obsessed with this song

    77. Vi Rahadi

      Gold sound

    78. Desecration

      Gymani sent me here.

    79. Jhonny Dantas

      I love this song

    80. Ishika Dhikia

      Lemme tell you she is a goddess of voice.

    81. Karen Astilla

    82. A.C Wood

      I love her pants

    83. Sushma Darjee

      Just goosebumps ❤️💕

    84. BoomBoret Travels

      How? Just f-ing how is this real? From the minute she stated singing i just melted like vanilla icecream.

    85. Hi

      This gave me goosebumps

    86. Flávia Moura

      pov: by director of Rodrigo Santos

    87. April Sheller

      She is absolutely an angel on earth! That voice is truly a gift from God!

    88. iiuud

      Ariana is the queen of pop now. She look much more mature including her music. She has dethroned Taylor's music era.

      1. iiuud

        @Abdulrahman Ahmed yes cus she is busy rerecording her old hits from almost a decade ago.

      2. Abdulrahman Ahmed

        Let’s not bring Taylor with all of her recent accomplishments into this

    89. CutieKathyplayz

      It sounds Wayyyyyyy better live then regular but they are both so beautiful

    90. Wilyer Slater

      I'm dead 2:51 wtf I wanna do that but I just sound like a wounded dog.

    91. Edson Junior


    92. Jason Yap

      Came here from the voice : Gymani

    93. Mendie Chandria


    94. Mhsa Rpl


    95. Ray Stewart

      Love this Ariana will also be my favorite

    96. Keddo Lyrics

      #KeddoLyrics let's all admit her voice stand above other female singers today.. unique and differently beautiful voice

      1. Keddo Lyrics

        @Ashbrringer I love to hear her high notes..

      2. Ashbrringer

        Well not all of the female singers, there's Floor Jansen, Amy Lee, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson e.t.c But yeah, indeed Ari's voice is magical and she deserves all the praise and positivity she gets from us viewers.

      3. Amelinda TOEIC

    97. Lovedhurtlost

      She still can’t enunciate, I see.

      1. raindropspov

        If you can’t understand what she’s saying I deeply advice you see a doctor about that

    98. Arthur Junior

      Can y’all not hear all that auto tune added to this song?

      1. Yoriichii Tsugikuni

        Lol it's reverb

      2. raindropspov

        It’s reverb not autotune lmao

      3. Anthony F.G

        She still sounds almost similar in acapellas or her carpool karaoke

    99. Tony Ah-Sam

      Just pure gifted 👌

    100. Camara Ann

      That bridge gives me chills all the time 🥰